Sailing areas

The National Capital Region

With its head office in Gatineau, the Borealis Sailing Centre has chosen to concentrate its sailing activities at the Aylmer Marina. This marina is managed by the Centre de Voile de la Grande Rivière (CVGR). The Borealis Sailing Centre is member of CVGR.

This body of water, Lake Deschènes, is very popular with sailors. It is actually a widening of the Ottawa River and navigable from the Deschènes rapids to Quyon, 40 km further to the west. This lovely section of river offers magnificent views of the Gatineau Hills and several interesting anchoring spots where one can spend the night or just relax.

The proximity of Aylmer to the Britannia Yacht Club and Nepean Yacht Club (just across the lake) allows us to participate in weekly regattas - an excellent way to apply and improve your sailing skills!




Georgian Bay

Georgian Bay is an aquatic paradise well suited for long cruises and over night sailing. This pristine body of water, dotted with thousands of islands, offers challenges and training from the novice to the more experienced sailors. It provides exceptional anchorages and memorable experiences.


Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario is another of our sailing sites. It is easily accessible from Kingston. Sailing to the Thousand Islands is just one of the great sites to visit. It offers challenges and training from the novice to the experienced sailors. It also provides great anchorages and memorable experiences.



Lac Champlain


Lake Champlain is another one of our popular destinations to pratice cruising.  


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