Overview of Activities



During the course of the year, the Centre executes the necessary activities required to run the club. The following is an overview of these activities 




One would believe that this is the quiet season for a Sailing Centre but it is the planning period for the following season. Time and effort are used to prepare strategies, sailing programs, training, maintenance, budget, registration and marketing, etc. All our committees, composed of volunteer members, are busy meeting and organizing the next season.


But it’s not all work! Our Social Committee organises Friday evening outings, Cross-country skiing, sugar shack, potlucks so that our members can stay in contact.


Cruises are also organized in warm places such as the West Indies. There is nothing better than trading a Snow suit for sailing in the sun, complemented with snorkelling in warm and clear waters and finally a good on board supper made with local food!





In the spring, pre-season activities start. Our committees and volunteers prepare the Information Evening and Open Door Events to attract and recruit new members for the season. In parallel, the maintenance committees and volunteers plan and implement projects and maintenance to get our boats ready for the season; an opportunity to learn how to maintain a sailboat!


And finally; the boats are launched and the maintenance such as re-masting, adjustment of the rigging and de-rusting of our skippers is done.


And here we are; sailing starts!




Sailing is at it’s best! Our members sail, learn, improve themselves, participate in Regattas and socialize. A typical day outing is to sail until noon, take a break for lunch and swimming before continuing sailing and practicing manoeuvers until the end of the day. Monday evenings, women have the opportunity to participate in an “All women” regatta; whereas, Wednesday evenings, regattas are open to everyone. Often Friday evening outings are ended with snacks and beverages that members bring to socialize.


There are also weekend cruises organized to introduce members to live-aboard.


During this period, Live-aboard Cruises are also organized on more challenging water ways such as Georgian Bay, Lake Champlain and Thousand Islands. Here member not only learn and improve on their sailing; they learn the logistics of cruises.


And in the background, the maintenance team doesn’t stop to make necessary maintenance and repairs to ensure uninterrupted sailing.





The best time for sailing! Good winds and cool temperatures! This is the best occasion to observe and interpret weather and make appropriate sail trim decisions with performance and security in mind.


And at Thanksgiving, the boats are hauled out of the water, followed by winterizing activities. Once again; a great opportunity for the interested to learn and participate on how to winterize and make repairs to boats.


And the season ends and starts with the General Assembly where Committees report on their accomplishments and a new Board of Directors is selected to ensure the management of the next season.