Sailing for Everyone!

An Overview of the Centre’s Programs


To become a member of the CENTRE, you must pay an annual membership fee. This basic membership offers some advantages; it may simply support the CENTRE financially, or allow you to register for one or many of our programs.


The CENTRE offers different programs under two basic categories:


a)  First, there are programs that are under the daily outings of two sail boats on the Ottawa River that are based at the Aylmer marina.


These programs are as follows:


1)    Trial Sailing Program


2)    Sail all Summer in Aylmer including optional formal instructional activities (additional fees apply) and regattas (no fees).


3)  Late Registration for those who have discovered the CENTRE after the season has started..




b)  Second, there are Live-aboard cruising programs.  These cruises, of a week or more, make use of chartered sailboats in different sailing locations such as:


·           Georgian Bay (most frequent location)

·           Thousand Islands

·           Champlain Lake

·           The West Indies and other locations



It is also possible to benefit from our package of Combined programs. You can obtain discounts by registering to the Sail all Summer in Aylmer program and one of our Live-Aboard Cruising programs. 


Are you ready to sign up?


Register soon and save! Combine programs and save more!







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