CENTRE Refund Policy:


Sail all Summer in Aylmer Program: The CENTRE will reimburse a member who withdraws from the program prior to the start of the season as per the schedule published on the web site, less administrative charges of $25.


Cancellations of outings: The CENTRE is not responsible for outings or training sessions that are cancelled due to weather, boat repairs or unavailability of skippers. Accordingly, there will be no refunds, transfers or credits to members or guests for cancelled outings or training.


Live-aboard cruising programs and Combined Programs: Live-aboard cruises (either stand-alone or combined) that have an incomplete crew two weeks prior to the date when a first deposit needs to be made will be cancelled unless a) the Board of Directors grants a special permission based on the revenue generated by all the Live-aboard programs combined; or b) the skipper and crew defray in advance the cost of the missing crew member(s). In addition, the CENTRE and the member who is registered to a live-aboard cruise agree to the following mutual obligations:


1)    The CENTRE will reimburse the member for the portion corresponding to the program if the program cannot be offered.

2)    When a member is unable to participate in the program for which he/she has registered, the member who is withdrawing undertakes to find a replacement. The replacement will pay the same rate that was paid by the member withdrawing (including rebates). However, the replacement crew member must fulfil all the requirements for membership in the CENTRE. The replacement crew member will pay the CENTRE who will then reimburse the member withdrawing for the fee, or the portion of the fee for the program in question, less administrative charges of $25.

3)    In the situation where it is the CENTRE that finds a replacement for the member withdrawing, the fee required of the replacement will be the fee applicable at the time of registration of the replacement. The CENTRE will reimburse the member withdrawing the program fee, or the portion of the fee applicable to the program in question, less administrative charges of $25.

4)    In the event where no replacement can be found, no reimbursement will be made to the member who has withdrawn.


Each request for reimbursement as per the above policy must be presented to the Board of Directors for approval. The CENTRE will enforce this policy rigorously.


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