Trial Sailing Program

(start of season up to July 2nd)


You are comfortable with the idea of being on a sailboat even though you have never (or almost never) had that experience.


You want to know if you would like to sail with the CENTRE?


This program is for new members who want to discover sailing and/or see how the CENTRE operates before registering for a full season. It includes an optional dockside introductory session, and unlimiied outings on the Ottawa River with regular members of the Sail all Summer in Aylmer Program.


The introductory session consists of a one evening session in pre-season or early in the season that is held on land and on the dock. It will be offered two or three times in French or in English subject to demand.


The  outings are made with members of the Sail all Summer in Aylmer program and must be completed between the beginning of the season and July 2nd inclusively.


You liked it? You can switch to other CENTRE programs at any time, and deduct the amount paid for the Trial Sailing program.


This program is offered to new members only.



IMPORTANT: The basic membership fee ($25) is not included in the fee for this program.



Ready to set sail?



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