Becoming a Skipper



If you are interested in becoming a skipper, your first step is to contact the CENTRE’s Skipper Training Coordinator.


Training takes place on our keelboats located on the Ottawa River and on bigger chartered boats during some of our live aboard sailing programs. There is no set timeframe for you to become one of our volunteer skipper. You learn at your own pace.


The CENTRE has a progressive qualification framework.  The first level qualification is to become a skipper for daytime outings on either Nika or Namastar.  You would then aim to qualify for night sailing and lastly as a skipper on a live-aboard cruising program.


To become a CENTRE Skipper, you need to:

·         Hold the Pleasure craft operator card,

·         Hold a Sail Canada Basic Cruising Standard or equivalent skills and experience

·         Hold a VHF restricted marine radio operator licence

·         Hold a current Standard First Aid and CPR certificate

·         Have a coastal navigation certification or its equivalent

·         Have taken part in the preparation and maintenance of the boats in the spring, during the season and in the fall.

·         Demonstrate sailing skills, safe operation and knowledge of the boat you wish to skipper to the standard set by the CENTRE Skippers' Council for each of daytime, nighttime and live-aboard cruising


The detailed requirements are stated on the Skipper Progression and Qualification forms below. You will also find CENTRE policy about Skipper competence.


Progression and Evaluation during the day

Progression and Evaluation at Night

Progression and Evaluation Cruising



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